Heather Locklear Completes Court-Ordered Treatment

Heather Locklear Completes Court-Ordered Treatment

Locklear’s lawyer says the actress is“committed to therapy, compliant and participatory, as well as actively engaged.”

Heather Locklear has completed a 30-day inpatient rehab stay that allowed her to avoid jail time, but one source says that the actress is more focused on meeting her legal obligations than on getting serious about sobriety. 

Misdemeanor Charges

In August, Locklear pled no contest to eight misdemeanor charges. They stemmed from a domestic argument in which Locklear assaulted her partner, and later police officers as well. A judge could have sentenced her to 120 days in jail, but instead opted to sentence her to 30 days of treatment. 

According to PEOPLE, the Melrose Place actress finished her rehab stint on Sept. 20. She’s now engaged with an outpatient treatment plan. On Oct. 8 Locklear’s lawyer, William Haney, updated the court with a letter from her treatment provider. It said that Locklear was “committed to therapy,” “compliant and participatory, as well as actively engaged.”

However, other people close to the situation were not convinced that Locklear is committed to sobriety. 

“She’s got such great legal representation… so the result is, she isn’t being held accountable,” an anonymous source said. “It [could be] back to the same square she was on before. Who knows but her daughter and her are getting along great.”

In May, a source said that Locklear had a history of being flaky with treatment in the past. 

“She went back to rehab two weeks ago. She went back to the place she left before Christmas. She had left for three days right before Christmas and never gone back… Heather’s problem is she doesn’t get serious about anything. She was continuing to drink.”

The source said that Locklear has issues with mental health, which she tries to quell by abusing alcohol and pills. 

The source explained, “Her issue is alcohol, pills, and her mental health. She doesn’t want anybody to hold her accountable. She has no job, nothing to keep her accountable.”

Locklear’s family, including her 22-year-old daughter Ava, have had to live with her being unstable, the source said. 

“This has been tearing up her family. It’s been an ongoing issue for many many years. It has been horrible for Ava,” they told PEOPLE

Drunken Arrest

During Locklear’s June arrest, EMTs and police came to her house following a disturbance call. Although it’s not clear what in particular led to the call, the first responders noted that Locklear was “arguing with friends and family” and “extremely intoxicated.” She was arrested and released at that time, but hours later was hospitalized for a possible overdose. 

Locklear’s treatment provider will continue to provide updates on her treatment, as the court requires. 

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