Jenna Jameson Celebrates Sober Milestone

Jenna Jameson Celebrates Sober Milestone

Jameson took to Instagram to celebrate her fourth year of sobriety. 

Jenna Jameson celebrated four years sober on Sunday, marking the occasion with a heartfelt Instagram post.

“4 years. We do recover. We do overcome. We do rebuild. But we never forget,” Jameson wrote in the caption.

The 45-year-old former adult film star, born Jenna Massoli, hit her sober milestone on September 22. She shared it with her Instagram followers by posting a graphic announcing, “You are clean 4 years.”

Fighting Stigma

“I wish the stigmas around addiction would stop,” she continued in her post. “I wish people would stop saying things like ‘Are you high?’ I wish someday people in active addiction and new recovery weren’t shamed.”

“So many people are suffering, not only the addicts, but their friends and family. I am public about my struggle and eventual healing to help others, but we can all be the light for someone.”

“Leave judgment to God and reach out in service of others,” she wrote. “If you’re reading this, addicted and afraid, I pray you find the strength to seek help. This subject needs to be less taboo. I love you.”

Last year Jameson marked three years sober by posting a side-by-side comparison showing her dramatic weight loss. “I can’t begin to explain what sobriety has brought to my life,” she wrote at the time. “I’m not the intensely self centered ‘the world owes me something’ woman anymore. I am now the ‘what can I do for the world’ woman.”

Mental Health Reflections

The mother of three and amateur conservative Twitter pundit has used her platform on IG to not only reflect on recovery, but depression and anxiety as well.

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She wrote in a Sept. 3 post, “When I was young, I listened to every single criticism about my looks, my talent, my personality, even my coping skills… and I adjusted to them to please people. It was tiresome. It depleted me. By the time I turned 40, I felt empty… The past few years I’ve took inventory, I’ve begun to live my life for me, and slowly the true Jenna has come back to life. I forgot who she was. I was scared to show her, to really show her, vulnerable and flawed.”

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