Police, Thieves Keep Confusing Hemp For Marijuana

Police, Thieves Keep Confusing Hemp For Marijuana

There are over 50,000 ways to use hemp but chances are incredibly slim that it will get you high.

To the untrained eye hemp closely resembles marijuana. From its outward, fuzzy appearance to its smell, it could be easy to make this mistake but smoking hemp will more than likely not get you high, seeing as the plant contains less than .03% or less of THC.

According to Medium, there are over 50,000 ways to use including food, textiles, paper and even buidling materials. Some believe that hemp may also have been one of the first crops

“Weed” Thieves

While there may be thousands of uses for hemp, the one thing it won’t do is give you a psychotropic experience if you smoke it. Something that a few “weed” thieves in Philly found out after stealing some from a local grower, The Inquirer reports.

“I thought I was in pot heaven,” said one young man who was caught stealing hemp from a crop owned by Ashleigh Baldwin on Halloween. This wasn’t the first time that somene has “lifted” hemp from Baldwin’s dairy farm.

“There’s a lot of these dumb 18-year-olds out there doing this,” Baldwin said. The farmer uses the hemp oil from her 50-acre crop to make CBD-infused soda call CBDelight. 

In 2018, the Trump adminsitration legalized the growing of hemp with the passage of The Farm Bill late last December. According to Fortune, marijuana supporters viewed the bill’s passage as a “an important first step in legalizing marijuana at a federal level.”

But even though it’s federally legal, many don’t know the difference between the plants including the police.

Police Continue To Seize Legal Hemp Plants

Since hemp has been legalized there have been a growing number of seizures of the plant by police who are mistaking it for marijuana and the field tests they use don’t seem to know the difference. New York police received flack for seizing a 106lb hemp crop (which they thought was weed) and celebrating it on Facebook.

In Idaho, a 6,700 pound shipment of hemp was confiscated by police in January.


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