Promises West LA

The amenities, comforts and personally tailored program that Promises is known for make the West LA location a premier destination for young adults looking to get clean and sober.

Promises West LA

The amenities, comforts and personally tailored program that Promises is known for make the West LA location a premier destination for young adults looking to get clean and sober.

Introduction and Basic Services

A leader in treatment for many years, Promises is known as a ‘rehab to the stars.’ It’s a luxury facility that caters to music/television/film celebrities, politicians, and other elite figures. Promises has two locations. The main campus and original location are in Malibu. The West LA location has been in operation for some 25 years and is in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles.

The West LA program is geared toward young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. The Promises West LA location is ideal for a younger person who is struggling with chemical dependency or dual diagnosis but still desires proximity to the excitement of a big city. The primary treatment offering at Promises West LA is residential, but sober living, day treatment and outpatient programs are also available. Promises recommends beginning treatment in the residential treatment center and sequentially moving through the other levels of care.

Promises treats all forms of chemical dependency and dual diagnosis. Mental health issues such as ADHD, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, sleep disorders, codependency, sexual compulsivity and trauma can all be treated.

Facility and Meals

There is plenty to do and see in the upscale West LA area. The West LA location provides a peaceful homelike environment for residents to recover in privacy. Initially resident are housed in cottages on the estate grounds. Once clients have completed the residential portion of treatment, they move to the sober living across the street from the cottages or into the historic “Craftsman” home on the estate.

Professional chefs prepare gourmet meals served family style or as individual meals. Vegetarian, vegan, kosher meal options are accommodated as are any other specific dietary needs. Food is outsourced locally when available.

Promises allows residents easy access to an off-site gym. The West LA area offers plenty of real-world activities to participate in, so movies and other city activities are regularly available.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Promises offers a wide variety of therapeutic services. Therapy models utilized may include CBT, DBT, EMDR, biofeedback and psychodrama. Other alternative therapy forms such as music, art, equine therapy and Wolf Therapy are also offered. Days are filled with program activities that vary from person to person. Promises tailors a program to the specific needs of the individual, so not everyone will have the same routine, but individual therapy and group therapy sessions are an essential part of the program. Highly qualified PHD or Master’s-level professionals facilitate therapy sessions.

The Young Adult Program in West LA consists of four phases lasting four months in total.

The first phase is the stabilization/inpatient rehab period. Doctors and nurses, if necessary, facilitate medical detox. Residents in the inpatient rehab reside in cottages. Residential treatment is focused on issues relevant to helping young adults grow and develop personally. Each resident works with an individual therapist on his or her specific issues. Group therapy in the young adult program is gender-specific.

Mornings in the residential program begin at 6:45 am. During this time, the staff expects residents to shower, make their bed, and prepare for the day. Breakfast is served at 7:30 am. Following breakfast residents work on chores and have some free time before process groups and individual therapy begins at 9:30 am. Lunch is at 12:30 pm followed by more groups, which may include other therapeutic activities such as art therapy, equine therapy or writing.

During the late afternoons many clients enjoy participating in themusic therapy program. This is a very popular program that includes professional musicians in recovery telling their story. It also allows residents to explore the medium of music as a means of articulating things that may be difficult to express otherwise. It is also a community building activity, as residents work collectively to form a band and write songs.

Dinner is at 5 pm and is usually followed by attendance at an outside 12-step meeting. On some evenings there is an alumni meeting. During alumni meetings former Promises graduates come back to connect and support current residents. The Promises Alumni Group is an important support for current residents once they begin the process of transitioning back into the real world.

At 9:30 pm residents attend a group that focuses on study/discussion of one of the 12 steps. There is also an evening reflection group that is held at the end of the day. Lights are out at midnight.

Phase two is considered an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Clients engage in group sessions five days a week for six hours a day. family Therapy is also provided at this time. Much of the focus during outpatient treatment is on developing job search skills, budgeting and applying for school. IOP clients attend 12-step meetings in the evening. Should someone want to admit directly into the IOP, it may be allowed if a residential treatment program was successfully completed elsewhere.

Phase three is an extension of the IOP of phase two. It focuses on strengthening the skills already developed while transitioning into a sober living environment or other living situation. Promises provides more intensive assistance in job search skills, budgeting and college applications.

Once phase four begins, former residents of Promises West LA should be on secure footing and back in life outside of treatment. This final phase is about leaning on and even providing the support that they found in the alumni program and 12-step fellowships.

Bonus Amenities

There are plenty of amenities available at Promises West LA. There are also several fitness activities including yoga, gym access, hiking, various outings and experiential adventures for residents to participate in outside of the facility. Massage and meditation are available, as well as equine therapy and wolf therapy. There’s even a Ping Pong table!


Promises West LA is an ideal location for a young adult who is looking to get clean and sober. This solid supportive environment blends a good balance of therapeutic services, and real-world outings and activities. This therapeutic environment provides a private homelike setting to reflect and recover while maintaining a healthy degree of real-world engagement. The amenities, comforts and personally tailored program that Promises is known for make the West LA location a premier destination for young adults looking to get clean and sober.

Promises West LA Location

3743 S Barrington Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(888) 502-3329

Promises West LA Cost

$40,000 (30 days)

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