"Real Housewives" Star Kim Richards On Sobriety: "I Have Complete Clarity"

"Real Housewives" Star Kim Richards On Sobriety: "I Have Complete Clarity"

“It isn’t even about sobriety so much as I don’t want it here because it’s going to interfere with what I do,” Richards said.

It’s been a long road to recovery for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards. During BravoCon, a convention dedicated to the network that is the home to RHOBHEntertainment Tonight caught up with Richards to discuss mending relationships and why sobriety has been so important to her. 

“I don’t have room for anything,” the 55-year-old reality star told Entertainment Tonight. “I have complete clarity. Especially doing my spiritual work and being a Reiki practitioner, I don’t have room to have anything be foggy or… It isn’t even about sobriety so much as I don’t want it here because it’s going to interfere with what I do… There isn’t room for that.”

Life Is Too Beautiful To Waste This

Richards, who attended the event with her sister Kyle and her half-sister Kathy Hilton, then got emotional when discussing her rocky relationship with Kyle. 

“I think Kyle was texting me and I was not having it. And I think, just through the spirit experience, where I’m at, my open heart, my open mind, just kind of put me in a place of… I think I just wrote her and said, ‘Let’s put this down. Let’s put this away. Life is too, it can be too short. I love you and I miss you.’ And she loved and missed me,” she recalled, before adding tearfully, “Life is too beautiful to waste this.” 

Back in 2017, Kyle spoke with ET about how she once thought about quitting the show because of the strain it put on her relationship with Kim, who left the show that year to focus on her sobriety after a highly publicized relapse in 2015, led her to enter rehab again.

Returning To Rehab

Kim spoke with ET that year about the relapse that pushed her to return to rehab, “I love sobriety, and I’ve always loved sobriety. Relapsing was very hard for me.”

“My heart ached for my children,” she explained. “I felt terrible and I didn’t know how to tell them. I think the phone rang and it was Brooke, and I said, ‘Hello,’ and she said, ‘Hi, so you got arrested?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’ and she said, ‘I’m just glad you’re OK, Mommy. I love you.'”

Kim has been to rehab four times to deal with substance abuse and mental health issues – something, she’s likely to talk about in her upcoming memoir. Kim told Page Six that it was “rough” looking back through her life for material for the memoir.

“I’ve always been spiritual, but then I really started digging in and looking at really, like, who I was, who I became and who I am today,” she explained. “Only time knows who I’ll end up being. I’m really continuing to grow and it’s been a process. Looking back at my life, every bit of it from the beginning, was very, wow. Some of the … painful parts were tough. It’s been beautiful, too. I’ve grown a lot.”

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