Tiffany Jenkins, Blogger & Viral Video Star, Talks Addiction, Recovery

Tiffany Jenkins, Blogger & Viral Video Star, Talks Addiction, Recovery

“It was so quick. It was like, five seconds ago I was in a halfway house, and now I’m a married mom of three,” Jenkins said.

Tiffany Jenkins, well-known for her blogging and viral videos, continues to be candid about her struggles with substance use disorder. 

On Thursday, July 13, she visited with Today and discussed finding out she was pregnant early in her relationship, while she was still living in a halfway house. 

“That was not part of my plan,” Jenkins told Today. “I was like ‘I can’t do this.’ And I went and told him about it, and he was, like, stoked! And I was like, ‘I’m in a halfway house, why are you so excited? What are we going to give this baby? What are you doing?’ And he was like ‘I feel like it was fate.'”

Starting A Family

From that moment on, Jenkins life quickly changed. She married the baby’s father three months later, then their son was born. Six months after his birth, Jenkins found out she was once again pregnant, this time giving birth to a daughter. Then, two months later, she says a “bonus daughter” was added to the equation as well. 

“It was so quick. It was like, five seconds ago I was in a halfway house, and now I’m a married mom of three,” Jenkins told Today. “It changed everything. Having this little person depending on me really fueled my journey.”

It was then that Jenkins began sharing her journey on social media. She says that so often, she would find herself scrolling through feeds that highlighted only the positive parts of life, rather than any struggles or negatives. 

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Opening Up To The World

“I couldn’t relate to any of it, so I started writing and saying the things that I wished somebody would say to me,” she said. “I started writing for it to be therapeutic, and I found that the more honest I was in my blog, that the more people resonated towards it. And so I decided to just put it all out there.”

Jenkins also began releasing videos on social media, in which she played various characters. The videos quickly gained traction. 

“I was like, ‘I’m onto something. My weirdness is being accepted; what is going on?'” she told Today. “And then I couldn’t stop. It just exploded. And all of this has happened in just two years.”

Today, Jenkins has authored a best-selling book called, High Achiever: The Incredible True Story of One Addict’s Double Life, as well as began touring across the country. 

Her goal is to communicate that there is hope even in the midst of a serious struggle with substance use disorder. 

“There was a point where I didn’t want to live; I didn’t know how to live,” she told Today. “And now, I just celebrated six years clean of drugs and alcohol — which is a miracle, because I couldn’t go six minutes before.”

“An amazing life after addiction is possible,” she added.

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