5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Random Drug Testing

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Random Drug Testing

No business owner or manager wants to believe that their employees have a drug problem. Small businesses, in particular, tend to think that they are not susceptible to these types of issues. Unfortunately, the truth is that small companies tend to have more significant drug problems than big businesses because they do not do random drug testing.  Do small businesses need random drug testing?

Do Small Businesses Need Random Drug Testing?

There are many compelling reasons that small businesses should initiate a drug testing program for the health of their business and their employees.  Here are a few examples of how drug use in the workplace can affect your operation.

Drug Use Is Dangerous For Everyone

Drugs such as amphetamines can cause wild mood swings, paranoia, and symptoms mimicking the effects of schizophrenia. Amphetamines include dangerous drugs such as meth and bath salts. Even when an employee is not actively using the drug, they can still be under the drug’s effects. This situation can cause them to act irrationally or even be violent towards fellow employees, company property, or themselves.

It Can Encourage Theft

Addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin are usually costly, and employees that are on these substances may quickly exhaust their resources. Once a person on drugs gets desperate enough, they will start to seek other methods of getting money. These methods could include everything from stealing a few dollars from the till to embezzling vast amounts of funds directly from a client. Many small businesses may also see inventory shrinkage due to employees that are desperate for funds.

Adversely Affects Productivity

Drugs like marijuana, heroin, and ecstasy can cloud the mind and keep an employee from being able to think clearly or remember essential things. This means that an employee that is on drugs is not a productive employee, and this lack of productivity can cost the company hundreds of dollars in lost wages.

Leads to Sick Days

Even simple party drugs such as ecstasy can eventually lead to employees having to call out sick. Ecstasy causes deep depression when abused, and this depression can manifest itself as an illness. Those who are addicted to more severe drugs may need to call out any time they take too much of it, or they are suffering withdrawals because they can’t get it.

How Random Drug Testing Can Help

Most drug use among employees is in the form of recreational party drugs. These drugs have a significant effect on how well the employee works but the employee may not be able to see this. Because this drug use is mostly recreational rather than addictive, employees are very likely to stop using these drugs entirely if they feel that their job is on the line. This makes drug testing a very effective way to discourage drug use.

Drug testing is necessary for a completely safe business environment. It is a straightforward process, and it protects a business’s employees, clients, and revenue. Most employees will have no objection to random drug testing, and it will also secure their safety.

Small businesses need random drug testing to ensure a safe and prosperous workplace.

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