5 Steps to an Alcohol-Free Life

5 Steps to an Alcohol-Free Life

Recovering from alcohol involves much more than just eliminating alcohol from your daily or weekly routine. The reason many people fail to succeed at alcohol detox is that they weren’t mentally or physically prepared for the challenges.  Living an alcohol-free life takes determination and a strong support structure.  Recovery is also dependent on having a realistic viewpoint on the emotional and behavioral aspects of life that contributed to the addiction.

What are the Biggest Challenges in Alcohol Detox?

The most difficult challenge, of course, is getting through withdrawals without taking a drink. To remedy this problem, a professional detox program is your best option. First of all, highly skilled detox specialists and medical staff monitor the process 24/7 to ensure that you are progressing safely and comfortably. Secondly, you are secure in an environment that allows no access to addictive substances. Therefore, your chance of success in enjoying an alcohol-free life is significantly increased.

Other challenges include learning to enjoy daily life without alcohol present and accepting the fact that you need support and guidance from friends or loved ones that you may have hurt in some way during your addiction.

Things You Can Do to Make the Transition Easier

Below are five suggestions for things you can do to get through alcohol detox successfully and then maintain an alcohol-free life for the long-term:

  • Be Emotionally Prepared

Before you begin your quest for an alcohol-free life, you must be emotionally prepared. For instance, there will be good days, and there will be bad days. Prepare yourself to face the bad days without giving in to temptation.  No one said this would be easy. But, the hard part doesn’t last forever. Recovery is a process, a journey. There is no specific deadline to reach. Allow yourself to have a bad day, but also do your best to keep on track. When the next bad day comes along, you’ll know you can get through it.  An alcohol-free life is not a destination; it is a journey you take each day.

  • Be Physically Prepared

Alcohol takes a toll on a person’s physical well-being in many ways. As a result, the body responds by making you think it needs more alcohol to feel better. You can counteract this response by eating nutritious meals. In addition to a healthy diet, an exercise routine is a great way to increase stamina and relieve stress. These are powerful tools to use in the battle against alcoholism.

  • Don’t Go It Alone

It takes a strong person to admit that they need help. Most of us think the opposite is true. The truth is, without help, your chance of living an alcohol-free life is questionable. A friend or loved one can be there when you have a terrible day and prevent you from taking just “one little drink.” Ultimately, without a supportive person nearby, that one little drink could result in total relapse.

  • Stay Busy and Have Fun

Another critical point to remember about staying sober is that you need to keep busy and find new interests and hobbies. By all means, stay away from events or places that promote alcoholic beverages. Why tempt yourself before you are sure of your ability to abstain?  Take time to try new forms of entertainment.

  • Join an Aftercare Program

In many cases, your support team consists of people who don’t drink. For this reason, they can’t completely relate to your situation and give the exact amount of support you need. An aftercare program offers recovering alcoholics a safe place to meet and discuss their experiences together. Their tips and advice can be valuable to you during this sensitive period. Because of their experiences with alcohol, these individuals understand what you’re going through. Therefore, they can more easily relate to your situation.

An Alcohol-Free Life Can be Yours to Enjoy

There are many more things you can do to prepare physically and emotionally for the challenges of alcohol detox.  It is essential that you keep in mind that recovery is possible. Millions of people succeed in giving up alcohol, and they now enjoy an alcohol-free life. It’s your turn. Let us help you make it happen.  Contact us soon at the toll-free number we’ve provided, and let’s get you started on your new life.


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