Casa Palmera

Casa Palmera

The facility offers a bio-psycho-social-spiritual curriculum of care that not only treats symptoms, but also heals the root, underlying causes of conditions.

Introduction and Basic Services

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Del Mar, California, Casa Palmera is a luxury residential treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients with alcohol and substance use disorders as well as a range of eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. Founded in 1987, this Joint Commission accredited facility provides a continuum of care that includes medical detox, residential care, PHP, IOP and standard outpatient services. Casa Palmera offers a bio-psycho-social-spiritual curriculum that integrates holistic therapies, 12-step, evidence-based practices, recreation, nutrition, psychoeducation and relapse prevention. The facility specializes in dual diagnosis support for clients suffering from co-occurring mental and physical disorders such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

Facility and Meals

Casa Palmera is situated in a 37,000 square foot resort 20 miles north of San Diego in picturesque Del Mar, California. Designed in the style of feng shui, the facility and the surrounding five-acre campus offer a calm and soothing atmosphere ideal for anyone beginning their recovery journey. Residents have the option of staying in either a semi-private or deluxe private room. Bedrooms include an ensuite bathroom and either a queen-sized bed or two full-sized beds with nice linen, pillows and a comforter. Calma Palmera offers plenty of amenities including gardens, outdoor meditation areas, landscaped courtyards and patios.

Residents enjoy an amazing culinary experience at Casa Palmera. An on-site chef provides delicious and healthy meals with fresh, local ingredients. Individuals with dietary restrictions, preferences or allergies are easily accommodated with a plethora of tasty options. In addition, clients struggling with eating disorders work with expert dietitians to learn about meal planning and preparation. Clients participate in supervised trips to the grocery store.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Rather than simply treating symptoms, Casa Palmera seeks to heal the “whole person.” As such, clients benefit from individualized treatment plans. Before beginning treatment, individuals undergo a comprehensive intake assessment that includes a complete account of substance use, as well as a personal and family medical history. From there, the Casa Palmera team designs the most effective personalized care strategy tailored to address the unique needs, expectations and circumstances of the individual client. When necessary, clients transition immediately into the detox program before beginning the residential phase. The facility provides a medical detox with around-the-clock supervision and medications to mitigate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Upon completion, individuals typically move straight into the residential program.

Casa Palmera offers a multifaceted approach to care that includes a host of therapeutic and medical services. Clients engage in individual and group sessions rooted in CBT, DBT, ACT and the emotional freedom technique. Psychoeducation courses focus on a range of topics including communication, anger and stress management, codependency, body issues, nutrition as well as relapse prevention.

Residents participate fully in the 12-step program during their time at Casa Palmera. PHP and IOP participants are encouraged to attend at least two 12-step meetings a week. In addition, the facility offers brain mapping and neurofeedback to teach clients how to regulate their own brain function. Casa Palmera understands the importance of family involvement to the success of a long-term recovery. As such, the facility incorporates a three-day family program in the middle of treatment. Families learn about the disease of addiction as well as effective techniques to help the client prevent relapse.

Casa Palmera offers comprehensive PHP and IOP programs on a step-down basis. The PHP program runs all-day Monday through Friday. The IOP meets three times a week for three hours a session. With flexible morning and evening options, the IOP is an ideal option for clients that require a consistent therapeutic structure but cannot make the commitment to an inpatient or PHP plan. Individuals are able to receive comprehensive care without taking time off of work or school. While the length of treatment varies from client to client, the typical stay at Casa Palmera lasts between 25 and 30 days. For clients that continue into the IOP phase, treatment can stretch to 40 days. Towards the end of their stay, individuals work with a case manager to establish a continued support system that includes finding a 12-step sponsor.

The Casa Palmera team is made up of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, therapists, addiction specialists, dietitians, an acupuncturist and a nursing team. Certifications includes MD, DO, PhD, PsyD, LMFT, LPCC and RN. Medication management and medical services are available for individuals with co-occurring mental and physical disorders such as chronic pain, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Bonus Amenities

The facility has a world-class fitness center a complete ropes course and a climbing wall. Many residents work with a personal trainer during their stay. There are visiting hours for friends and family every day.

The facility provides an array of holistic practices including art and music therapy, massage, mindfulness meditation, yoga and Reiki.

Casa Palmera believes that residents must re-learn how to have sober fun. As such, the facility takes full advantage of the beautiful locale that is Del Mar. Residents enjoy walks to the beach, swimming and boogie boarding.


Casa Palmera is a luxury treatment facility in Del Mar, California, right up the coast from San Diego. The facility specializes in the care of adults struggling with substance use and eating disorders as well as co-occurring mental and physical health conditions. The facility offers a bio-psycho-social-spiritual curriculum of care that not only treats symptoms, but also heals the root, underlying causes of conditions. As such, the facility tailors comprehensive care plans to address the specific needs of the person. A myriad of therapies are offered including evidence-based modalities, holistic measures, nutrition, experiential, recreation and 12-step. There is also an active alumni program. For anyone seeking a full continuum of care and completely integrative programming, Casa Palmera offers the best. The facility’s team of compassionate experts and the luxury accommodations make for a world-class treatment experience.

Casa Palmera Location

14750 El Camino Real
Del Mar, California

(858) 481-4411

Casa Palmera Cost

Call for details. Most major insurances accepted.

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