How do I Stay Drug-Free After Rehab?

How do I Stay Drug-Free After Rehab?

Completing an addiction treatment program is a great achievement. You know that you are on a path of sobriety and recovery. Not only do you feel very proud of yourself, as you should, you also feel a bit anxious and nervous about your new life now that you are leaving inpatient treatment. You wonder if you truly can stay drug-free after rehab.

Life After Rehab

While in rehab, your life is very orderly and disciplined. Now, you will have to rely on what you have learned to help you stay drug-free after rehab. You have the tools to help you in times of cravings and when triggers come along that may make you want to use again.

A life of addiction is full of chaos and confusion. Comparatively, life in a rehab is full of structure and balance. Now, you are embarking on a life which is that of sobriety, new friends, and a new lifestyle. You know it won’t always be easy to stay drug-free after rehab, but you can do this!

Decisions You Must Make after Completing Rehab

Finishing your addiction treatment program is not the end of treatment for recovering addicts. An aftercare program is essential for staying drug-free after rehab. You learn the skills that are necessary for long-term recovery from addiction in rehab. However, you must continue your counseling and meetings after leaving your program.

You learn in rehab about the triggers that may cause you to want to use drugs or alcohol after leaving. You have to decide if you can go back to the same environment in which you were living while struggling with your addiction. If others are using drugs or alcohol in the home in which you live, you may need to relocate as you transition to your sober lifestyle.

You may live in the same neighborhood where your previous drug dealer lives, or the neighborhood may have triggers in places where you used your drugs or hung out while drinking alcohol. All of these are factors that you must decide if you can deal with when returning home.

Ways to Stay Drug-Free After Rehab

There are many resources to help you stay drug-free after rehab. Above all, continue with support group meetings. Attending meetings is a MUST for sobriety after rehab.

Below is a list of other ways to maintain your sobriety and recovery:

  • Make new sober friends to share activities with
  • Rely on family members for support and encouragement
  • Keep busy with volunteer work or new hobbies
  • Exercise and eat a nutritional diet to stay in good health
  • Have someone you can call when cravings become strong

These are only a few tips to help you stay drug-free after rehab. Yes, it is a constant issue for you daily, but you can learn to get through every day sober. It won’t be as hard after your initial transition period which will certainly entail some bumps in the road. However, with the helping hand from others, (and don’t be afraid to ask) you can overcome these bumps and go on with your life in recovery.

What if I Relapse after Rehab?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse,

It’s common for a person to relapse, but relapse doesn’t mean that treatment doesn’t work.”

If you relapse after rehab, it does not mean that you are chained to addiction for the rest of your life. Many people do not come out of rehab for the first time and never look back. Things happen in people’s lives that sometimes lead to relapse. If this happens to you, contact us at Best Drug Rehabilitation and we can help you find a treatment program that will get you back on your path of sobriety.

Remember, falling down is part of life. It happens! However, a determined person with a strong will to succeed will do just that. You, too, can go on to live a life of sobriety in recovery from addiction. Get the help you deserve and return to a healthy and happy life with loved ones.



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