Co-Occurring Disorders

Double or Nothing: The Two Diseases That Want Me Dead

My depression didn’t entirely cause my alcoholism, but it certainly played a key role.

Mental Health

Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge

Some recent projections suggest that deaths stemming from mental health issues could rival deaths directly due to the virus itself.

Adolescent Mental Health

Strong Family Ties During Teen Years Can Help Ward Off Depression in Later Life

Teens may also find similar sources of social support and gain coping skills through other social connections with friends, in religious and other institutions, and in the local community.


Listening to ketamine

The fast-acting drug offers a new way to treat depression and fathom its origins. Recent approval of a nasal spray promises to expand access, but much remains unknown about long-term use and the potential for abuse.

Addiction News

Morning Roundup: Dec. 5, 2019

Man accused of using Playstation Network to sell cocaine at $34,000 per kilogram, Taraji P Henson talks mental health issues, Lil Mo details battle with opioid addiction.

Taraji P Henson

Taraji P Henson Talks Therapy, Feeling Helpless

“I hope that one day we can all be free to talk about mental health and be okay with seeking help,” Henson said.

Gary Gulman

Comedian Gary Gulman: Opening Up About Depression Has Been "A Reward"

“The easiest way and the most comfortable way for me to address anything real is to make jokes about it.”


6 Movies That Portray Mental Health and Depression Realistically

Movies have the power to shape how we perceive the world. Here are several films that treat mental illness respectfully and honestly, instead of contributing to stigma.

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders Rising Among Millennials 

Working long hours and stagnant wages may play a role in the rise. 


Let’s Talk About Suicide

Changing misconceptions and long-held stereotypes won’t happen overnight, but making the conscious decision to talk openly and honestly about suicide is a strong start.