Ditch Your Device for a Day on UK Unplugging Day

UK Unplugging Day will take place on Sunday 28th June and we’re challenging you to join in! The event encourages everyone to take part in a 24 hour digital detox.

This year has seen our relationship with our digital devices change drastically. It’s wonderful that we have been able to continue education and work through these devices, but it does mean that we are spending more time on them than ever before. However difficult we will find it, taking a step back and a break from our tech will come like a much needed breath of fresh air.

Time to Log Off has always emphasised the importance of maintaining our off-screen relationships. We believe that a connection to the real world gives so much more back than our virtual interactions.

We know that regular digital detoxes are crucial for a healthy tech-life balance. However, we realise that often these can seem daunting and, with us so used to relying on tech in our daily lives, even impossible.

An annual event, UK Unplugging Day is always on the 4th Sunday of June in order to make it easier for those who require tech for their work. We encourage you log off all day, but if you do need to use your devices at some point over the 24 hour period, you can still do your best to participate when possible. We guarantee that you will feel the benefit of even just few hours spent away from your screens. There are really very little excuses for not giving it a go!

So many of us rely on screens for entertainment as well as work. We spend hours on social media, video games and watching TV. One day without these will help you rediscover off-screen activities that you used to love, and perhaps some new ones! Don’t underestimate the rejuvenating power of being away from your tech for a while.

Ditch Your Device for a Day on UK Unplugging Day

Our favourite of these analogue alternatives is connecting with nature. Use Sunday to get outside, whether you go for a walk, have a kickabout or even just sit in the sun. Leave your phone at home and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with fresh air.

Ditch Your Device for a Day on UK Unplugging Day

We really believe that participating in UK Unplugging Day this coming Sunday will be a really valuable experience. It will remind you of the value of being away from your devices, and the enjoyment you can get through off-screen activities. Try to extend this into your daily life by setting aside time for the activities you rediscover.

Yes, perhaps the stress of the day-to-day and FOMO might make you feel anxious about not checking your phone. But nationwide everyone joining in will be feeling exactly the same. By joining in on Sunday, you’ll be joining a community of people who realise the value of maintaining and growing their off-line interests, relationships and communities. Enjoy it!

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