Smartphones and Coronavirus

Smartphones and Coronavirus

The links between smartphones and Coronavirus

We’ve been advised to wash our hands more frequently in the current coronavirus outbreak, but should we be looking at keeping our smartphones cleaner too?

Coronavirus is spreading, and fast. Since it first infected humans in late 2019 there have been thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths. In our globalised world, it is easy for a very contagious virus, like Covid-19, to spread so it’s useful to know what practical steps we can take to keep ourselves safe. Our phones are our digital companions, they come with us everywhere and can host germs of all kinds. Here are three simple steps to help you reduce the potential coronavirus risks from your smartphone:

1. Clean your phone regularly

Several studies have shown that our phones are dirtier than our toilet seats and potentially host more germs. When was the last time you cleaned your phone? Not a quick wipe to clean the screen, but actually cleaning it with a dedicated surface cleaner? Our phones are hotbeds of germs. In taking a phone call you’re putting that bacteria on your face, and by not washing your hands before you snack you’re putting those bacteria in your mouth. We suggest cleaning your phone regularly, at least once a day, in order to stay free of those germs which you pick up in everyday life and which then stay on your phone, even after you wash your hands.

Experts have suggested that alcohol wipes, rather than soap and water, are the most effective way to keep your smartphones clean.

2. Don’t put your phone down

This might sound like contradictory advice coming from Time To Log Off! But we’re not suggesting you stay on your phone – we’re suggesting you don’t put your phone down on a surface in a public place. Don’t place it on a table in a coffee shop or bar for example, because you don’t know who’s been there before. The World Health Organisation does not yet know how long Covid-19 can survive on surfaces but they assume a few hours to a few days.

smartphones and coronavirus

3. Be careful what you believe online

Once again, fake news has raised its ugly head around an international incident. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, there has been a deluge of inaccurate information online including lists of various quack ‘cures’. Our advice is to only trust reputable, verified, news sources such as the BBC, or WHO for your news and information about how to avoid catching coronavirus, as well as what might happen to you if you did.

There’s a more significant connection between smartphones and coronavirus than you might think. Our phones are our constant companions so they can potentially even impact our health in terms of catching viruses not just impact on our sleep. Keep yourself safe by following our tips, and hopefully, it will help us all to develop more hygienic habits along the way too.

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