4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Try To Log Off

4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Try To Log Off

4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Try To Log Off

Trying to log off can be hard. However, there are certain habits you may be subconsciously keeping which could be making it even harder. Here are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to log off:

They keep their phone in sight and accessible

Trying to stay off your phone whilst having it in reach is rather like trying to eat healthily when there is a chocolate bar lying right in front of you. Constantly keeping your tech nearby is not going to promote any healthy habits; you are going to be distracted. Having your phone so close by makes it so much easier to give in to the temptation of aimlessly checking it.

Try instead placing your tech in a drawer or – even better – in a separate room. At the very least, place your phone face down when you are not using it, to prevent your wandering eye from trying to glimpse notifications.

4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Try To Log Off
Remove your phone from your space when not using it: out of sight, out of mind.

They keep push notifications on unnecessarily

Like a moth to a flame, nothing tempts us to go on our tech quite like seeing it lit up with notifications. Turn these off. They will only distract you and make you want to unnecessarily log on, as well as evoking FOMO.

If you are concerned that you will miss important notifications, for example phone calls, you can customise your notification settings. For example, you could fine-tune them so that your phone still alerts you to calls but not to Instagram likes, or email notifications. That way you can minimise temptation whilst also being free of any anxiety that may accompany the idea of not being reachable by phone.

They don’t try to find replacements

There are some instances where we rely on our screens to fill a gap; for example, the commute to work. Our tech gives us something to do and, in trying to cut out technology from certain aspects of their lives, many people make the mistake of not substituting it with anything else.

Nothing is going to make you reach for your phone like boredom will. If you are trying to cut down your screen-time, make sure to equip yourself with an alternative, such as a book, a project or exercise, to fill the gap. You will find that by keeping boredom at bay, you will experience fewer urges to check your phone.

They are too harsh on themselves

In an increasingly digital world, it is a big ask of oneself to go ‘cold-turkey’ and log off. Instead, be realistic with yourself and set small personal goals. These should challenge you, but not make you feel uncomfortable. The more you try to restrict yourself, the more likely you will succumb to temptation. It is far healthier and better for you in the long run to establish a good balance with tech, than to repeatedly fail to adjust your screen-time because your aims are too ambitious.

Enjoy the time you log off

There are probably digital activities you really enjoy and don’t want to cut out, such as talking to friends online or watching a certain TV show. Do not feel that you have to deprive yourself of these. Instead, set yourself realistic time limits to ensure you are using your tech responsibly and maintaining a good digital-life balance.

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